Marvelous Marvel

Growing up I loved comic books and the whole aspect of superheroes. Watching the Batman show starring Adam West was how this love began. I was drawn to Batman because he was human, no worldly powers, just a vigilante saving lives. Then I came upon the world of Marvel.

X-Men (Storm is my favorite), Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, The Avengers, Captain America and of course Iron Man.

These superheroes were more than just awesome characters in a storyline or sparks of creativity and imagination, I found a sense of confidence within their heroism.

Those comic books, those characters, those movies were and still are an escape for me. And yes, sparks of creativity still pop. Stan Lee is a legend, a genius who had an invincible reputation. It’s crazy to know that he has passed away. I think that we place our heroes on a pedestal of immortality, it’s only when a tragedy such as death do we realize that they too are human.

Words escaped my mind this morning when I had saw online that Mr. Lee had passed. He will be greatly missed, especially his infamous cameos.

“Are you..Tony Stank?” 😂

Thank you Stan Lee for creating a world that will live on eternally.

*Said in Tony Stark mannerism* I am Derra Nicole 😉

You were one of those classic ones traveling around the sun… -Twenty One Pilots

All I Want

These songs bring back memories of magic and childhood smiles…

These sweet reminiscent smells swirling in the kitchen make my tastebuds happy…

These sparkling lights send their glowing contentment straight to my heart, causing my mind to never let go of the magic that this season holds…

These twinkling stars studded in the frosty sky speak to my past scars, a message to never give up on wishing for what my heart deeply dreams of…

These movies conjure up a cheerful grin and nostalgic laughter…

This season shakes up a mix of hope, love and inspiration that I will always drink in…

I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come true, Baby all I want for Christmas is you… -Mariah Carey


A moment or two is what this soul of mine needs…

A helpful hint is what my mind searches for…

A dose of guidance is what my heart prays for…

The day has switched places with the night and the sun has sunken into the glowing atmosphere.

Hoodie on..crisp breeze kissing the goosebumps on my neck..the warm sands cooling down…

Eyes closed..deep breath..and listen…

Dear waves, help me out here. I need advice, I can’t shake this feeling let alone understand why this feeling ever came into existence. I’ve exhausted every idea as to how to let this feeling go, every lightbulb has burnt out trying to ignore this. A feeling that is unknown territory for my heart and mind. So, I ask waves…what do I do?

I just need a moment or two.

The softest echo could be enough for me to make it through… -Twenty One Pilots

Cocoa & Mini Marshmallows

Here we are again…Sunday mood…

I know your insides are feeling so hollow
And it’s a hard pill for you to swallow, yeah
But if I fall for you, I’ll never recover
If I fall for you, I’ll never be the same
I really wanna love somebody
I really wanna dance the night away
You’re such a hard act for me to follow
Love me today don’t leave me tomorrow, yeah
But if I fall for you, I’ll never recover
If I fall for you, I’ll never be the same…” -Maroon 5

True Story Bro

Nickname: Well I have a couple… my friends call me D and my brother calls me Bones.

Any siblings: Yes indeed… the lineup is as follows: Me, Alyssa aka Lu and Zach aka Bubba.

Do you drink: Rarely, I’m not too keen on alcohol, however, every so often I do enjoy a Mike’s hard black cherry lemonade or a Corona with a pinch of salt and a lime wedge of course.

Favorite store: Well, you can more times than not find me perusing bookstores, music shops, the market/ farmer’s markets.

Phobia: You all know this list…lol. Clowns, Porcelain Dolls (yes that includes puppets and ventriloquist dolls). I have a deeper fear, but let’s keep the tempo of this blog light shall we.

Cats or dogs: I love both, but if needing to lean towards one a little more…I love the dogs.

Idea of the perfect date: I’m a simple girl who would be in heaven with a pizza and a movie…yeah, I know…

Any scars/piercings or tattoos: Scars, yeah I’ve got a few. A couple mental, a couple physical (my partying gifts from time spent in the hospital, lol) Scars are still sexy right? Piercings, nope not a one. Tattoos, I have four strategically placed tattoos (get your mind outta the gutter 😜).

Last time you cried: That’s for me, Rico, Bob, Carol, Karen, Jose, Angela and Steve to know and for you to find out. PS, I have no idea who any of those people are.

Do you give second chances: Depends on the crime committed. Parole is possible lol.

Favorite animal: Sea turtles and giraffes are frickin awesome. I know the question isn’t in plural form, but I’m a rule bender, sometimes.

Favorite sports teams: Baseball: Yankees, Football: Giants, Hockey: Kings, Basketball: Lakers.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite flower: Lilies, Sunflowers and Candycane Roses.

Most important person: My family and friends.

Jealous type: Not even, I don’t have time for that toxic shit. Jealousy ruins trust.

Biggest wish: Finding happiness and love.

Biggest fear: I thought we were keeping this light. Alright, if I must… My biggest fear is that one day I will self destruct, losing to myself.

Favorite band: I love how we go from a deep level to casual conversation in just two questions. I’m going with my top five here… Fall Out Boy, 3DD, Twenty One Pilots, Blink 182, Eminem (I know he’s technically not a band, but his music gets me through those frustrating moments).

Favorite song right now: Trouble by Cage the Elephant and Bandito by TØP.

Someone you miss: My Popee.

Something you love/ hate about yourself: I’m pretty fond of my freckles. I hate that I’m a sucker for those infamous puppy dog eyes.

Day or Night: They both have their inspiring moments.