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*I was sent a copy of this book for review as part of a blog tour. All opinions are honest and my own*

I’m just going to start this off by saying I loved this. It’s the first read in a while, where I just feel so connected to what is being told. Dear You is a collection of letters, written by Derra to family and friends, narrating parts of her life. In such a short space of time, you learn so much about Derra and what she has been through, both the good and the bad and more importantly, how she has come back from the bad.
I loved the format of this and the personal feel to each letter. It just felt like such a unique experience and almost felt like I was joined with Derra, following her journey for real.
Each letter told a new part of Derra’s story, it was a new connection to Derra. I felt like I had known her all my life, but also that I hadn’t.
The depth to each letter, reading all these glimpses of events that happened to Derra made me so emotional. I never really cry at books, but everything about this one seemed to make me feel such strong emotions and I felt I had a real connection to Derra, despite having next to no similarities.
There were some hard bits to get through in this story and I only managed to get through them because I realised that for me to be reading about them, meant they had actually happened to Derra, It was like a rollercoaster of emotions reading letter to letter, but one I’m glad I went on.
I loved the relationship Derra has with her father, with the water fights etc. It was such a cute father, daughter relationship and made me smile for them. I also enjoyed reading about the letters to both her sister and her brother, showing the sibling relationships that I can relate to very much. It seemed to push this really important family dynamic and it was interesting to see this from a different persons’ perspective.
Along the way there are some quite motivational and inspiring moments as we read about the problems Derra has overcome and how she has managed to become such a strong person. I really loved these bits and felt I could relate so much.
Overall, I’m really glad I got the chance to read and review such an important, but also personal book. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, but please keep in mind this book does cover some dark topics and these may be sensitive to some people. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for more work from Derra and hope it can have as much of an affect as Dear You had on me.
Rate – 4.25/5

Interview with Mythical Books: Dear You

What made you put on paper your life and what do you feel about people find out your story?
It’s a bit crazy how this whole book came about, I hadn’t been feeling well so I had the Doctor do a blood test, turned out I was really sick. This was a few years back. After a mini breakdown thinking that this was the end for me, I sat down and wrote letters to my parents and siblings. Finding the writing process so therapeutic I started writing letters to anyone or life event that had a major impact on me. I told my Mom about the letters and it was her who suggested I turn it into a book. I loved the idea, sharing my experiences in hopes that those going through a dark time may find a spark of light knowing that they’re not alone in their battles. I feel humbled yet nervous with knowing that whoever reads Dear You knows my story. Humbled because I have readers comment that my story has inspired them. Nervous because I become very anxious when bringing down my walls, being open.
What represent/s family/friends for you and how did they react when you shared their stories with the whole world?
I know they say that family is blood, but that’s false. For me, your family and friends are the people that are by your side through the darkness, the people who you have endless memories with, the people that have your back. Those that are there in the good, the bad and the weird. Everyone who has a letter in my book has been so supportive. I wanted to share my people with the world and I think they thought that that was cool.
Did you ever think to write fiction? What are the reasons for doing it or not?
I have always wanted to write a fictional book, I love creative writing, I just have to practice it more. It’s a different world from Non-fiction. I haven’t done a fictional book yet because I feel a bit intimidated with the idea of going outside of my comfort “writing ” zone.
Why letter format for Dear You?
The letter format gave Dear You a more personal vibe to it. I wanted the reader to feel as though they had a backstage pass into my world. Plus, the art of letter writing has faded out due to technology, so I wanted to bring back the good old days in a way.
Most of us take the life for granted. Tell us to what should we give importance and really appreciate?
Most of us take Time for granted, we also complain that there’s never enough of it. We are a society that puts off family dinners, lunches with friends, traveling or taking a day for ourselves because why? We’re just too busy. Our excuse is that there’s never enough time. If only there were more hours in the day. It’s not until someone we care about becomes sick or we ourselves become sick or someone passes away that we begin to regret not making the time to spend with them. There is enough time, we just manage it poorly. The amount of time each of us has in unknown, don’t waste it.


Dear You is a collection of letters written to the people and events that have made the most impactful influences in my life. This book started out as a personal series of letters to the people I love. Letters filled with memories and life lessons. I began writing these letters after finding out that I was very sick. As each letter was written, certain events and memories began popping into my mind which inspired more letters.
Dear You is my way of sharing an underdog story about a girl who was never meant to live, but did. I’ve survived surgeries, bullies, depression and being suicidal. I’ve seen this world at its brightest and at its darkest. Living with a rare disorder has allowed me to see this crazy thing we call life in a whole different perspective.
The main message embedded within Dear You is my message to those out there who feel like giving up, who feel alone or forgotten, those who feel lost…you are worth everything this life has to offer, never ever give up. The book opens and closes with a letter i have addressed to the reader…hence, Dear You.

Dear You | Storyteller Alley

Dear You is a collection of letters written to the people and events that have made the most impactful influences in my life. This book started out as a personal series of letters to the people I love. Letters filled with memories and life lessons. I began writing these letters after finding out that I was very sick. As each letter was written, certain events and memories began popping into my mind which inspired more letters. Dear You is my way of sharing an underdog story about a girl who was never meant to live, but did. I’ve survived surgeries, bullies, depression and being suicidal. I’ve seen this world at its brightest and at its darkest. Living with a rare disorder has allowed me to see this crazy thing we call life in a whole different perspective. The main message embedded within Dear You is my message to those out there who feel like giving up, who feel alone or forgotten, those who feel lost…you are worth everything this life has to offer, never ever give up. The book opens and closes with a letter i have addressed to the reader…hence, Dear You.

Author Bio

My name is Derra Sabo, I am a Cali native who stumbled into writing as a way to escape the daily life as the freak born with a rare disorder. That disorder being Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB for a non tongue twisted pronunciation. I was the kid who was never meant to live past the age of 14 and here I am 33 years young. The best way to describe my life is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. My family and friends are my everything. My scars and past demons are my inspiration to never give up. While most of my insomnia nights are filled with writing and tunes vibrating through my beats headphones, my days are my time to spend with my squad, cooking, movies, reading, blogging and spending as much time as possible at the beach. I’m the extroverted introvert who loves a good sunset and a caramel macchiato.

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  • Critic Score:92/100

    Our Review Ranking:

    A Great Read

Our Review

Our Review


This cover design does not do this great story the justice it deserves.

Cover design problems:

The background is blurry and is actually a problem for the eye to view easily.

The objects super-imposed in the foreground: a laptop, a tablet and pen, a vase with feathers in it, and a cup of coffee, all look like they were drag and dropped onto the cover from a collection of emojis or computer icons. The size ratio and distance between any and all of them in relation to each other is badly out of proportion. The computer itself actually looks like it’s floating instead of sitting on the desk, that’s made worse by the shadows on the edges of all the items not matching one another.

None of the cover elements reflect any part of the story or the struggle within the pages of this book.

Cover typography is not bad. Size of font for the book title as well as name of author are fine.

Book Blurb:

The blurb for this book is a good introduction to the story inside. It draws interest by speaking of particular events included in the book as well as the promise of helpful advice gained through the experiences of the author.

There is a typo in the last sentence of the book blurb. The “I” should be capitalized.

Formatting :

There are some problems with formatting.

Most of the front matter is in correct order , but the introduction is the first thing the reader sees in the book and it’s not labeled as an ‘Introduction‘.

The “Dear Beach” letter is written as though it is one of the Chapters or “letters” and it is placed before the title page of the book.

There is no Table of Contents included . Since the Chapters or “letters” are each very distinctly labeled sections of the book, it would be good to list them in a table of contents.

Pages are numbered well, beginning with page 11 where chapter one(the first letter entitled “Dear You”) begins.

Some paragraphs are indented, some are not.

Paragraphs and sentences all run together in block form, making the book difficult to read.

There are paragraphs with double space between them when they should be touching.

Grammar & Spelling:

Grammar and spelling in this book runs just passably fair. I found a several errors for grammar and spelling as well as quite a few problems regarding sentence structure, missing words, and missing and/or incorrect puntuation.

Character Development:

To say that character development is a big part of this book would be an understatement! In fact, I would say that this book is predominantly aboutcharacter development.
All of the ‘letters’ in this book from the author to each individual list in great detail the ups and downs of the things they’ve gone through together which have developed their characters in one way or another over time.
It outlines this development of each character including that of the author in a very clear, and detailed way. As the story develops so do it’s characters.

The underlying theme that threads it’s way through this book is one of the main characters’ caring and unswerving devotion to others as well as to herself. It demonstrates a continued growth and change of inner self.

Plot & Structure:

The structure of the book is decent. Throughout most of the book the author is narrating each letter to family members and friends and you read them as an outsider looking in. Further into the book the letters change and actually feel as though they’re written in the presence of the reader, as though this was the final point of the work as a whole.

The plot of the book ,one of struggle and recovery , moves well all the way through without becoming monotonous or repetitive.


Story is paced well all the way through . Each letter shows a new aspect of the family and friends that surround the author. The more you read ,the better understanding you have of where the author is coming from with different comments and outlooks over time. The reasons why certain things are said or done become clear as it progresses.

Use of Language:

The use of language is fair. The book uses the language of the day and is easy to understand . Even the brief and infrequent use of the word “ain’t” is acceptable given the conceptual layout of this book. It speaks the lanugauge of the common man in today’s times.


I find no problems with the originality of this book. It reads as a story unique to it’s author while reaching out to those in similar circumstances.
This book provides an interesting look into the mind of a children growing up in the digital age. Conversations between siblings via digital means such as I-pods and music shared via digital devices etc, all reveal an inside look of how kids see the world in the time they’ve been born into.
It also provides a look at someone dealing with many troubles at a very young age and overcoming them to live a good life.

Overall Readability:

Overall , I can say I enjoyed reading this book. In spite of the writing problems it had, my interest in the storyline kept me turning pages to see what was next.

A Note From the Critic:

I enjoyed reading this book and I wasn’t sure I would when I started it. It turned out to be a well written story related in a very personable way that is friendly to the reader. I believe it will do what the author intended and be a help to others that are going through similar difficulties in life and I can recommend it as good in that regard.
Toward the end of the book, in the letter entitled “Dear World” the authors remembrance of Nine-Eleven is a touching tribute to the strength of our nation and it’s people on a very dark day that forever changed the way we see the world.
There are quite a few problems inside as far as errors in grammar and formatting, as well as the occasional typo,bad sentence structure or spelling mistake . This surprises me as I see on the title page that it has been published with a traditional publishing house and I expected they would have a round of proofreading for each book they put out. It could use just a little polishing, but it is overall a great read and I am happy to have read it!


Weird title for a blog, I know. The past couple of months have been the very definition of stressful. So much so that a few nights ago I found myself sitting on the edge of the bathtub, hand over my mouth as tears raced down my face. I have this unbreakable tendency to hold too many thoughts deep inside instead of talking it out. It’s not that I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts with, it’s simply the fact that this bad habit built from my past is hard as hell to brake. The progress is flowing in the “opening up” department, however, it’s still under construction.

Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind…-TØP

Moments of happiness is when my doubts tend to creep in, these moments of watching my goals and dreams come to life are somewhat of a new aspect, so I suppose that these moments of happiness kinda scare me. Part of me is in complete control while another part of me is wondering what’s going on. With every accomplishment, there are setbacks. With every setback, I figure it out and keep moving forward. The stress of beginning success has kept my freezer stocked with ice cream and kept my mind up from midnight to sunrise.

I found no cure for the loneliness, I found no cure for the sickness. Nothing here feels like home, crowded streets but I’m all alone… – MGK

A reprieve was much needed, so my best friend being the awesome human that she is planned a day where we went off of the grid. This day began at Starbucks for that morning latte along with a croissant. Then it was off to her shop where she embedded the second to last piece of my tattoo journey (nothing like a little ink therapy). From there we grabbed some lunch, then headed down to the beach. Sand and ocean, the only place where my mind feels free, the only place that remotely feels like home. The perfect ending to the perfect day was dinner on the beach at sunset.

Those twelve hours were just what we both needed, on the drive home we both were ready for life to hit the next day.

Career inching off of the ground…check.

Finally feeling whole again….check.

Breathing life into all dreams…almost check.

While my heart sports a few cracks and is kept together with a few stitches…it continues to beat on. It may not be whole, it may not be the most beautiful shape, but it’s a warrior. I am proud of how far it has come.

My only wish is that should I ever cross paths with my last missing piece, that he accepts my heart. Plasma, ink, metal and all.

These black light words will eternally reside on my flesh, seeping down into the bottom left corner of my pulsating brain. iDerra is who I am, it’s who you young Frankensteins created. A human heart with a mechanical mind, wires and veins intertwining inside a titanium boned frame disguised with German/ Irish freckled flesh. I wasn’t always half robotics, once upon a time ago I resided in the mortal world. But, as the years aged my young innocence, societal attacks that I was unprepared for exploded. Two choices stood before my torched self, exhale one last carbon breath or deeply inhale a puff of chilled oxygen and stand up. The first option felt calming, yet an unknown source within forced the latter.

Dear You: Digital Book Girl Blog Post

Original post from Digital Book Girl

Dear YouDear You is a lovely invitation into Derra Nicole Sabo’s world.

A wonderful opportunity borne out of a complex and challenging experience, to recall the good times with loved ones, the chance to express the rarely spoken profound specifics of what binds friends and family together.

This is a heart-warming collection of letters to loved ones that explores the wonder, frailty and extraordinary qualities of friendship, family, love and life.

Amazon Review: This is a beautifully written, honest, and encouraging book! One of the things that I love most about this book is the style in which it was written. Each chapter is written in the form of a letter to the author’s friends and family and that makes the experience more personal and realistic. It sucked me in from the first page and I felt every emotion imaginable while reading it! It’s underlying message is full of empathy and hope and I’d recommend this to anyone! – Brandi Myers

Available now at these fine retailers:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Be the one who dares to not just bend the ordinary, but obliterates it. The one who defies the rules and regulations that society has so unthoughtfully typed out for us. When judgments forbid you from turning left, go left. When fears manipulate you into crying, fire that smile in a blinding fashion.

Be the one who takes their beaten past and turns it into the story of the century. A story that fuels and reignites lost bonfires. A story that creates the warmest comforting hug in a space of loneliness and doubt.

Be a booming voice that breaks off the padlocks from the silenced ones. Pass out the logo hoodies, glow sticks and beanies. Be the one who turns up the bass on those healing tunes and hands out microphones for all to sing along. Release the giant beach balls into the crowd and unleash the confetti from the skies.

Be the one loves selflessly but holds a handful of solo moments to maintain sanity. Be the one who doesn’t fear change, who doesn’t deny being different. Be the one who accepts every flickering bulb, no matter their flicker speed or bulb size. Whether their energy saving or brightly lit, whatever their energy level, collect them like Pokemon.

I’ve got scar tissue embedded so deep that only life back under the scalpel could dig it out, but bright lights and bleached oxygen is the last place I want to find myself. I live vicariously through my scars, because those are my battle wounds that I wear with pride. Those scars are the stories that I hope one day fill the IVs of those who are caught in an endless beat down.

Be the one who screams out your broken thoughts to help save lives. Be the one who slashes the suicidal monsters from under the beds and inside the closets.

And most importantly, are you listening because this piece of information is extremely vital to your existence… Be you!

Be yourself… love the face that reflects back in the mirror. Love the perfectly imperfect bones and organs that form your beautiful body. Love every piece of you that’s well put together and love the adventure of the scavenger hunt to find the missing ones.

“Don’t give up, push through the droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments back into your craft. Break molds, think, create. But, most importantly, stay alive. And in the meantime, make it about other; that seems to work. Stay strong, live on and power to the local dreamer…” –Tyler Joseph

I’m Breathing, but I’m Not Alive

it stings in the shower and the sad part is you know exactly what I’m talking about… -m.r.

Can I just give up now? Please…

In a game of tug-of-war is what my mind and heart have been participating in for the entire 2018 year thus far. Back and forth I find myself contemplating on where I want to be in life and what I want. Down this list of my dreams and goals I begin to peruse, one by one crossing out the unrealistic with a Sharpie. At this undecisive moment only one major dream seems to be blacked out and two opposing goals cirlced, underlined and highlighted. This mechanical mind of mine is cheering front and center while my stitched heart tearfully bleeds in the background. As much as I would love to place these lines and cirles in reverse, reality is speaking much too loudly for me to do so.

back on Earth I’m broken, lost and cold and fading fast…. -Blink 182

I have always wanted to one day find love and with that have a family. It has been something I knew I wanted since I was young, however, my young heart was untouched by the dark side of the world at that time. Even though I haven’t had the best luck in the relationship department, even though I haven’t yet found where X marks the spot on where I can find my missing piece, I have learned (all too well) what a relationship isn’t, what love doesn’t consist of. Even in the darkest hour of my worst relstionship, I still held onto the magic that love is. If nothing else, my faith in that alone has kept my heart alive while it beats on.

I can feel the pull begin…I don’t wanna fall, fall away… -Twenty One Pilots

Last night, during those infamous midnight star studded hours though, my mind made a decision. A decision that my heart wouldn’t and won’t ever agree to, but it has to be made…I think. With this shovel in hand, I once again find myself in the midst of these monster filled woods, a beautiful grave I begin to dig and gently I place the dream of finding Love one day down six feet underneath the tear drenched soil. I never wanted to have my attention 100% focused on my career, but now I think I have to. I’m tired of the jerks…I’m tired of praying for the emptiness to be filled. I get it now, well for the most part. I didn’t want to before and while a small portion still refuses to, majority rules.

We don’t always get what we want in life, no matter how badly we want it or how much we believe we deserve it. We conjure up all of these fantasia dreams as young Peter Pans, then that moment arrives when we have to finaly grow up and start marking off certain dreams with a Sharpie.

if there were anymore left of me i’d give it to you… -Fall Out Boy


Valentine's Beach Love Wallpapers 2