Hey guys, what’s up?  So, my name is Derra Nicole and I live in beautiful Southern Cali. Writing is a passion that has aided in surviving a rollercoaster life and in keeping my sanity intact. It has been a passion of mine since I was a youngster in Jr. High and it has now morphed into a career. Which is funny because growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer/ drummer in a punk rock band (two of my interests). Besides the worlds of fashion and music, I also enjoying cooking up good eats in the kitchen, huge movie buff, love a good book in a cozy place with a cup of coffee and I love to travel. I am what you would refer to as a ex(in)trovert, while I love exploring the world around me I also love staying in and spending time with my squad. The beach is my sanctuary and gloomy rainy days are my cup of tea. Welcome to my blog site, Genuinely Derra.