Playing the Hero role came naturally, so easily the mask slipped on and fit like a glove. Helping others while placing your own pain on the back burner and your monsters under the bed. Hero, it became a way of life…it became an addiction..

However, that heroic mask has attachments that bare down on your shoulders with a weight that is ultimately unprecedented..

The level of expectations brings it’s own collection of Louis Vuitton Luggage and it’s weight adds to that existing back burner pain. The responsibility carried is unmatched and unreachable..

The attempts in wanting to save all of the beautiful souls surrounding you appears possible, yet it isn’t probable. There may be a few that are saved, but the majority ends in unsaved which leads to disappointment and heartache..

Slowly it chips away at your own mind..

Being the Hero is very much a “Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.”..

In the end, you’ll become more lost than when you started out..

Indeed, that morning came when my own reflection was blurred beyond recognition and beside it stood one of those under the bed monsters that escaped. A combination of these two is the beginning to end..

The realization that you have nothing left, so empty that it hurts on a level never felt before. Your insides contort, your fever spikes, your heart beats hard yet slow and the tears pour down your freckled cheeks. Fearful cries are silent..

Rock bottom…ha…you haven’t felt rock bottom until death is gripping your life..

The only cure is to set the mask on fire and drag yourself to the front burner. It is time to stop making everyone else first. It is time to take your dieing body and fading soul to a safe secluded place to begin to heal..

It’s time to live your life for you, to live it the way you wish to. It’s time to stitch up those wounds with self love.

It’s time to recognize your reflection and smile at it..

It’s time to be the unhero.

“Something dangerous is waking up inside of me
It’s been creeping it’s way into my psychology
Keeping me up all night, this voice inside it tortures me
But it’s slowly starting to peak my curiosity…” – X Ambassadors

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