Rare… from day one this word has been the shadow attached to the bottom of my feet. A word embroidered with rules and regulations, an invisible contract that I, somehow, unknowingly signed.

I used to hate the word Rare and I mean flat out hated it. As a kid, my mind tied the word Rare with confusion and even sadness. Tossed into a life where professionals spilled the worst comments…

“You’re too fragile to be touched, hugged by others.”

“You’re too fragile to play like most kids do.”

“Your life span won’t thrive further than 14 years, however, 10 is more likely.”

“You will live a life of loneliness, the only friends you may have are kids who are exactly like you.”

“More than likely you’ll not find love or have a family.”

“You are rare, therefore, you won’t live the life of a normal person. “

Question… how would you feel if you were told these things, if these were the statements you read on the medical site pertaining to the rare disorder you were born with? Growing up is hard enough without confident piercing bullshit tearing you down. Having these bits of dark knowledge spinning in your head, how are you supposed to figure out who you are, figure out the life you want to live?

The crazy aspect of all of this insanity is that this Rare disorder has several types and subtypes. We are not all equal, yet here we are placed under the same unencourging umbrella.

Screwed up isn’t it.

So, how does one detach themselves from the life of Rare?

“Where am I supposed to go from here?
Really I have no idea
All I know it’s every time I think I hit my ceiling
I go higher than I’ve ever fuckin’ been…” -Eminem

Well, after the numbing pain stings like hell for far too long…after enough verbal bullets have drawn enough blood and after you completely destroy your mind and heart, you make the decision to disown your disorder.

You begin again.

Your rules and your rules alone.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that Rare shadow is stitched to the bottom of my Converse. However, it’s a fresh new shadow that I myself created from the wise words of my Dad and Popee.

“You have a big heart kid, with a ton of love in it. Don’t be afraid to share that love one day. And don’t be afraid to go outside, the world needs to know who you are.” -Dad

“You have a brilliant mind and an old loyal soul, don’t hide them..be proud of them.” -Popee

It’s magical when you break free from the pressure, doubts and assumptions.

It’s magical when you look into the mirror and finally see you.

“When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out ’til the end…” -Rihanna

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