How to Get Inspired by the Uninspiring — by Derra Nicole | Stoney deGeyter

I had the privilege of being a guest author over on Stoney DeGeyter’s blog…below is a snippet of my post as well as the link to read the full blog. Enjoy guys. ☕💜

“So, a few weeks back I was working on a blog post about defying the statistics attached to living with a rare disorder… then life slammed in, as it usually does.

It started off simple enough, a small cold that I tend to come down with when the weather shifts from that beachy summer heat to that breezy autumn chill. A couple days rest, soup, ginger chews and plenty of hot blackberry cinnamon tea always does the trick of killing off the sore throat and those achy bones. However, that simple little cold was the calm before the storm.”

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