In the End…

The horizon is painted with storm clouds, deep gray and monstrous, yet the sands are warm and the swishing of the ocean is calming. In a weird way the uneasy feeling evens out..

Standing here, taking in this scene, my ears radar in on tiny footsteps squishing in the sand…

Eleven adorably creeps up, her eyes fixated on the sinister horizon ahead. Her thoughts pondering on how bad this all is. We both sit down, arms around our knees, the silence unfolding every umbrella in the sky…

Heads focused forward, I offer a single piece of advice that I myself am working on..

“Young Eleven, if you’re ever given the chance to grow up in this place, do me a small kindness, a favor…Don’t hold on so tight to your past. Don’t allow the monsters you’ll meet throughout your life to steal your ability to trust, to be happy. Take the time to heal from any storm and then move forward. Let love in when it enters your world, you deserve a happily ever after, even if deep down you feel that you don’t. It’s ok to allow yourself to feel and experience all the good that’s embedded in life. Promise me this…”

Eleven responds with the cutest, “I promise. ” “Hey Derra, those scary clouds up ahead…”

“Don’t worry… I’ll handle that. Whatever it is, it won’t harm you. I promise. “

The calm before another storm sinks into every freckle on my body, the ink on my arm and back glowing like a Bat signal. I’m not sure what’s ahead, but as always, I’ll fight.

I’m just not sure how much longer I can keep fighting solo…

“Used to be a shooting star, when did I become so dark…” – Blackbear

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