Slumberland By Derra Nicole Sabo ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Thank you to A Wonderful World of Words for sharing Slumberland as well as a Guest Post on your blog today. Below is a couple of interview q’s as well as the link to check out the rest of the post. 🤓☕

Where did you come up with the name of the story?

I am a fan of theme parks and while most of my nightmares happen in the woods, I wanted to combine the two. Sleep or slumber is one aspect in life that I have struggled with due to these dreams and nightmares. Land, well that just seems to be the word attached onto any awesome park, i.e. Disneyland. So, Slumberland was born and unleashed.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Traveling down subconscious lane was an interesting experience, as well as overwhelming. I enjoyed recalling dreams where my Popee and I have coffee together or the dreams that leave me with a spark of hope for the future. Certain nightmares I left out, trying to write them out became too frustrating. Perhaps they’ll land themselves in a Slumberland sequel. You never know.

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