Review via Slumberland

“Quality Abstract Entertainment!

I enjoyed ‘Slumberland . It is a poetic, dark, abstract look into Derra Nicole Sabo’s dreams. I was reminded of many odd and repetitious dreams.

I really liked Sabo detailing how the unfamiliar and the familiar can offer both comfort and terror to the dreamer. I’ve always known the fact, but had never thought about it in those terms before.

What do certain animals like wolves mean to the subconscious mind of the author? I often dream of fish and reptiles. I wonder what that means?

Sabo’s mastery of quotes and lyrics really added to the book for me. Walking through the author’s subconscious reinforced the power of dreams. Sabo brought many of my own dreams to mind.

Some dreams are good, and can make your day. I keep revisiting and fixing up a massive house with suddenly appearing rooms, for example. I love my dream house! Other dreams are weird, throwing your day into a funk. When I’m spinning my wheels all night, because I can’t fix a dream problem; I actually wake up tired. I’ve even learned to wake myself during a nightmare.

I loved Sabo’s use of “flash”. It reminds me of nights where one dream has several different narratives running through it. Someone I haven’t seen for years pops up, then we’re suddenly hang gliding over the ocean. We mysteriously appear in a submarine, and decide to add a wing using wood studs and electric tools. Weird, but cool! Thanks for the memories, Derra Sabo!

I’d recommend ’Slumberland to anyone looking to be entertained, and prompted to discover deeper layers of themselves.”… -Amazon Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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