Masked Anxiety

Fabric, thread and elastic bands, that’s all your structure is..

Worn to prevent the transfer of germs, that’s all your purpose is..

Simple enough, yet it feels more like a game of chess every time I have to put this mask on..

A scary as hell pandemic has placed this world in a panic, the only way out is to strategize..

Staying home…Six feet apart at least when going out for necessities, dawning masks for safe measures..

Every time I place this mask on my face my mind is pulled under, back to the past, back to the hospital..

My stomach twists in lungs slightly constrict..I feel claustrophobic even though this is a phobia I’ve never had..

All of the same symptoms slam in like they used to back when my life consisted of surgeries..I wish I could control these feelings because I know that I am simply going to the grocery store..but, like a game of chess this mask has my mind in checkmate..

Amazing how one simple inanimate object can mess with the human mind..

I hope you are all staying well, staying safe and staying home  💜

“Panic on the brain, world has gone insane, things are starting to get heavy…” -Twenty Øne Piløts

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