Frostbite & Black Rose

The woods seem irreplaceable eerie tonight, the sound of frostbitten leaves crunching underneath my Converse crackle
louder tonight. The muffled growls of wolves within the shadows seem dull, almost solemn. The midnight sky isn’t accessorized with crows cawing their warnings, the stars are on the fritz like a frantic Morse coded message.

On code black alert, I stroll heel to toe extra slowly, scanning the grounds for what’s about to happen because something always happens. That’s the one beautiful feature about these woods, this place is notorious for the weird, twisted and gut- wrenching situations. Every subconscious fear engraved in my mind brought to life in the most terrifying way.
With each explosive step my bones spit out their own warning,
my goosebumps are like a radar telling me that something wicked this way comes and as long as it’s not Pennywise, I’m good.
After a short stroll that actually seemed to last a few hours, I see a peculiar sight.

Those ferocious wolves are circled around what seems to appear as a freshly dug mound of cold dirt, oddly a saddened whimper in their howls. Propped high above, each bare tree branch bares the vision of sorrowful crows, cawing a blue tune. This entire scene is freaking me out, more so than usual. Apprehensively I continue to tip toe closer to the center ring, wanting to catch a glimpse of what has these woods and creatures acting a complete 180*.

My anxious self-causes my bones to shake as my nerves build up as the dark pixels begin to focus. A wooden cross leans against the fresh mound of dirt and beside it is a deeply dug rectangular shaped hole. Seven feet down below ground level lays a body, seems to be the same height and build as I am. Dressed in black jeans, a black hoodie and black

Oh my God…

Tears rush down my freckled cheeks as muted cries escape my stunned lips. My eyes fixated on the black rose nestled between her hands. Scars on her neck and forehead, a healed cut on her lower lip, a blackish eye half swollen…
She looks as though she fought a good fight, but life got her with one final blow in the end…
She looks too familar…

“I’m leavin’ Heaven, angels won’t find me where I am goin’, so you better run…” – Eminem ft. Skylar Grey

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