Netflix & Mac n’ Cheese

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post a quick blog here…I hope that you’re all safe and healthy. During this crazy time, we need to come together by being smart and empathetic.

Don’t try to be some irresponsible rebel by not following the neccessary guidelines that are set in place to aid in ending this insane Corona Virus. Social distance and self quarantine for your own safety as well as everyone around you. When purchasing groceries and supplies, please buy only what you need. Buying outrageous quantities and then selling them at gouging prices is horrible and unfair to those who are in serious need.

Help those you can should you have more than you need, the elderly and those with families. Don’t attack one another in the stores over toilet paper or hand sanitizer, be mature people (although, the videos are quite entertaining 😉).

Make sure to wash your hands properly, stay home should you feel under the weather, see your doctor if your symptoms worsen, eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep (if you can 😉) and take care of yourself.

Not only is it important to maintain your physical health, but your mental health as well. Together, we will get through this. 💜💜💜

“Blow a kiss into the sun, all we need is somebody to lean on…” -Major Lazer

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