Interview with Derra Sabo

Earlier this week I had the privilege of being interviewed by W. Wang. I thank him for this great opportunity. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, a warm chocolate croissant and a comfy place to cozy up in and enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend guys and stay safe out there. 💜

W. Wang's World Commentary

This is an interview with Derra Sabo, a writer who was born in California. I’ll let her introduce herself.

DerraDerra Sabo

Derra Sabo: Introducing myself is always a weird thing for, not sure why, but here we go. My name is Derra Sabo, a girl Cali born and raised who somehow became a writer. I spend my days typing and jotting while sippin’ coffee and listening to tunes. Cooking in the kitchen after a long day is my escape, a way to wind down. Any free time is spent creating shenanigans with friends and family. And of course, days and nights spent at the beach with plenty of crackling bonfires and s’mores to go around. I’m a simple girl sporting her hoodies and headphones.

W.: First, tell us about your recently published book, “Anomaly.” Tell us about the book, and how you want to express your message/emotions through that book…

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