2020 Goals 💯

Every year we all jot down a few goals that we’d like to accomplish. But, let’s face it, the goals we choose end up dying out after about a month or two because the goals that were set are a bit too crazy or the motivation fades. So, I’ve started thinking of five goals that I want to accomplish this year as well as jotted down how. Keeping it simple is more reachable.

My 2020 goals…

* Hydrate!! While I do drink enough liquid throughout the day, my water intake is not nearly enough.

I recently bought Hint water which I absolutely love! Crisp water with a hint of fruit. My favs are the watermelon and pineapple flavors.

* Choose a charity to donate to monthly.

It can be overwhelming when deciding what charity to choose when you’re passionate about several causes. I decided to join as a guardian member of the ASPCA. My heart breaks when hearing about abused or abandoned animals, so if I can be a part of making sure that these beautiful creatures get a protective and loving home…my heart feels happy.

* Finish my third book…I have been purposely procrastinating in finishing Slumberland, it has been difficult to write certain sections. However, starting tomorrow I will be writing every day until it’s finished. Time to grind.

* Start a YouTube channel…I have an idea and we’ll just see where it goes.

* An exercise regimen… this goal isn’t to bulk up, but rather to just maintain my health and agility. Yoga and cardio are my selections for my exercise routine.

So, what are your goals for 2020?

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