Lashes and Lips ðŸ˜˜

Thank you to Mari for tagging me in this fun Makeup tag. Check out her blog and show it some love 💜

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

I believe I was 21-22. I lost my vision during high school, my world literally went dark sophomore year, so I was a late bloomer when it came to wearing makeup.

How did you get into makeup?

My Mom inspired my love and fascination with makeup. I loved watching her apply her makeup in the mornings and for special events. From a young age she taught me that makeup is a way to highlight the already beautiful features you have. Wisdom I still live by.

What are some of your favourite brands?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics..Maybelline..L’Oreal..Urban Decay.

What does makeup mean to you?

Makeup to me is art, it’sa way to express your mood and who you are. From a soft summer glow to a fierce black wing liner and red lip. Your face is a blank canvas to show the world your inner artist.

If you could only wear four products on your face, what would they be?

Well, seeing as how my routine is pretty simple most days, my four products would be…

* Bliss Watermelon moisturizer

* Maybelline Tattoo Black eyeliner

* Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

* EOS Sweet Mint lip balm

What is your favourite thing about makeup?

Honestly, I love how makeup is a medium that can transform your mood. There are some days when I feel overwhelmed and a bit low on the self-esteem. A wing liner, mascara and lip balm…I feel upbeat, fierce and even motivated to conquer the day.

What do you think of drugstore vs high-end makeup?

To me it doesn’t matter if your product is on the high end or drugstore, it’s all about the quality. I have used some high end products that were amazing and even some that completely flopped, same with drugstore. I actually think that the drugstore makeup is seriously impressive.

What is the one makeup trend you’ve never understood?

Makeup trends come and go. There have never been any that have really baffled me. Do you boo. 😉

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