630 Foot Thoughts

In one month 2019 will be a past chapter in life’s book..

This year has been everything, but dull. Moments of happiness, witty smirks, frustrated growls and even a few over the edge tears. 2019 has definitely been awesome and yet tested me beyond madness..

This last week I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in St. Louis; my sister had moved to a town just out there and I myself had never traveled there. We visited so many places, I need a vacation from my vacation 😂 The most impactful moment was looking down from the top of The Arch, 630 ft. high from the ground. The city looked like a miniature city, the cars the size of Micro Machines and every person walking around looked like ants lol. A true bird’s eye view of St. Louis.

Another favorite attraction was St. Charles Street. Old buildings and shops all decorated Christmas, smells of cinnamon and vanilla wafting from bakery shops and gentlemen roasting fresh chestnuts over an actual open fire. Clydesdale horse drawn carriages and carolers singing on corners…a true scene pulled from Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Time touring around new places, creating memories from adventures had with the family and way too much delicious food…definitely needed that time to disconnect from social media and even the usual world that surrounds.

Time away from home makes me grateful for home.

Starting tomorrow the last few goals I have set will be accomplished. I am looking forward to the Christmas season as well as what 2020 may bring. Usually my mind focuses too much energy as to why I made it through another year. With every odd beaten that shouldn’t have been, with every physical and mental situation pushed past most limits, I genuinely have no clue as to how or why I’m still alive. However, rather than allowing the struggle to place my mind in overdrive, I am going to just live every day that I’m gifted. I will wake every morning with my main goal of being the best possible person that I can be and take every trying moment with every good moment.

That’s what it’s all about, right..

So here’s to the unknown.. cheers!

“Let’s be alone together, we can stay young forever…” -Fall Out Boy

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