An Astronaut & Sunflowers πŸŒ»

Hoodie on, headphones pumpin’ and heads up…

I can’t believe that we are a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, which of course means that Christmas will fly by.

2020 is drifting in, don’t blink.

This week will be crazy as I will be finishing my next book and sending it off to my publisher, as well as getting ready to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. St. Louis bound to spend the holiday with my sister, she’s curated a list of coffee shops for us to go to, I am ready β˜ΊοΈβ˜•.

Plans and goals for the new year have been written down and a couple already in the beginning works. It will be an awesome year!

2019 has been a rollercoaster, fabulous ups and a few curveball drops. As always, mental health remains my most impactful daily journey, my mind healing more and more every day. When you lose the horizon it can be an exhausting struggle to realign your sight with it, but once that gorgeous horizon is back reflecting in your eyes hope seems alive again. If you’re struggling right now, if you’ve lost the horizon, hold on tight. You are on this planet for a grand reason; hoodie on, headphones pumpin’ and head up kiddo.

The last few months have tried me like you can’t believe, a couple health setbacks and my anxiety throwin’ left punches. My mind was clouded with, “Why’s” and of “throwing in the towel” crept in. However, like every time before, something keeps me going as my battery was recharged in a way. I’m back to being and feeling ridiculously healthy. I’m an astronaut in a Sunflower field.

Strength appears when your tank seems empty.

Yeah, the next year will be awesome.

What marks are you going to engrave into 2020?

“Walk me home in the dead of night, ’cause I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind..mhmm…” -Pink

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