Yeah, this is my zone…

Cold crisp November night, a near midnight sky sparkling with silent wishes pinned to each star…

Oversized Jack Skellington mug filled with piping hot coffee splattered with caramel macchiato creamer galaxies…

Trench hoodie, warm and cozy, fighting off the late night nip while triggering happy memories of drums, badass bass and a shot voice from singing every song…

Headphones all juiced up, playlist selected…

Glasses on (oh the thrills of that 30 something life πŸ˜‰) and my mind full of nostalgic dreams with a side of gut wrenching nightmares…

A fully charged laptop and two fists ready to type all night, Slumberland bound, here we go…

Yeah, this is my zone.

What do you want from me? Why don’t you run from me?
What are you wondering? What do you know?
Why aren’t you scared of me? Why do you care for me?
When we all fall asleep, where do we go?…” -Billie Eilish

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