I Did a Thing 🎃

I recently did a fun little interview over on Indie Connect Books 🎃 Five Q’s to get to know a few fun facts about the author. Check out the site for some awesome books and more. 🎃 Enjoy guys.

1) What’s the first thing you grab for in the morning?

*I must admit that I grab for my phone first thing in the morning. In my defense, it’s to turn off my alarm.

2) Last song you listened to…

* The last song I listened to was I Think I’m Okay by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Yungblood and Travis Barker. I resonate with certain parts of this song, my past had moments of darkness. Songs, such as this, keep me grateful for how far I’ve come on my mental health journey and inspire me to keep going, to help others.

3) Right brained or left brained?

*Honestly, I think it’s pretty well balanced in both sides. However, the left side of my brain probably gets more of a workout. Lol

4) Favorite article of clothing?

* Definitely hoodies! I can’t explain it, but I feel more confident and protected when I wear a hoodie. I suppose you could say that my hoodies are my Iron Man suits.

5) Beaches or Snow?

* While I love the snow and all snow related activities, I’m a total beach baby. Growing up, days and nights spent at the beach are some of my favorite memories. I feel like myself when in the presence of sand and ocean, a calm washes over me. It feels like home. A day spent having fun with family, gorgeous sunsets with bonfires and s’mores…yeah, that’s my kinda heaven on earth.

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