My Version of Nothing

This last month has been a whirlwind, both mentally and physically. The thoughts are overwhelming on a new level, deciphering how to work this all out has been a challenging distraction.

The main task on hand is to finish editing this manuscript, the process slowed down these last few weeks. Pushing the hours to last longer is impossible.

These last few weeks have been a collection of birthday celebrations and reminiscent nostalgia of those gone.

These last few weeks have been a daily dose of headaches and a stubbornness to cure them without the use of meds. The last two headaches were quite a blow, side effects of tears and caving…pain killers…at least the head is no longer playing war.

Another birthday is coming in hot, I will grow another year older, hopefully a touch more wiser. I hate the second day of November, but this year is actually looking up as I will be rocking out at a concert with my fellow clique. Happy memories will mark that day, a switch up from the usual. Perhaps I’ll even switch up that 10:10pm wish.

Today was relaxing though, a much needed rest to rejuvenate and process these thoughts so they’ll lose their overwhelming tag. Some may say I wasted the day…absolutely not! Sometimes you need that day of just doing whatever your version of nothing is. A day to be comfortable in your own little world, a day to block out the chaos of the outside world.

I indeed spent the day watching videos on YouTube, eating comfort food and enjoying a caramel macchiato while blogging this blog. Tonight I will watch Halloween Wars, then finish the night with a green tea mask and reading.

Tomorrow is a new week, a fresh beginning to conquer life like a boss.

You’ve got this!

“If I can live through this, I can do anything…” -Fall Out Boy

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