I Love You 3000 Popee 🖤

Today marks 12 years since you left…since the big “C” took you from this world.

Too long…too much time wasted being sad, somewhat angry that you were gone.

So many lessons, so much of your wisdom was passed to me while we planted colorful life in a well soiled garden. Memories made during days at the beach or spontaneous trips to the “hardware store” (ice cream shop).

These photos of past smiles, laughter and adventures, memory lane so picturesque.

Two main lessons…

First, never be afraid to ask questions, curiosity is knowledge.

Second, never forget to have fun. Make infinite memories so that when you’re 80 years old, you’ll have so many stories to share and reminisce over with your grandchildren.

Before you left you looked at me with your hazel eyes and kind smile, told me that I’d be ok, told me that when love hits don’t be afraid to let it spin your world.

I invision you on a wooden boat, fishing on a crystal blue lake with your buddy Harold as Shadow and Brandy are watching on the porch of your cabin. Yeah, that’s definitely your heaven.

I miss you all of the time, nostalgic when reminiscing.

I love you 3000 Popee.

You were one of those classic ones
Traveling around this sun..
You’re a legend in my own mind
My goodbye…” -Twenty Øne Piløts

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