Remember to Blink

Another week is creepin’ in, tomorrow is like The First Time, a fresh unknown where infinite possibilities and Happy Days are creating crystal ball clear pixels.

I know that there are moments where the Darkside skies shine brighter than Heaven. Moments when this blinding Generational Divide causes unnecessary crashes, stressful storms of down pouring Black Rain.

Don’t let the hate tear your spirit down, just think to yourself, I’ll “Blame It On My Youth“. Pin The Grenade and don’t Run Away, sometimes the world gets stuck On Some Emo Shit and that’s okay. Sometimes there is No Heart To Speak Of and in those moments remember to not allow the world to hold your mental health Ransom.

I get it, how the world is two-faced, and times I think to myself, “I Wish I Hated You“, but then out of left field slams a good vibe that reminds me to find the silver linings. They exist, they are there embedded in every day.

Seize every moment. 🖤

Hey kid, don’t listen to your head
It only fills you with dread and with doubt
Left lookin’ for an easy way out

I know you don’t know
Oh, no, you don’t know
I wanna feel happy days, happy days
Happy days, happy days…” -Blink 182

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