If You’re Not..Then Why?

If you’re not engaging in crazy fun adventures..then what memories will you have to look back on when you’re 80?

If you’re not jumping and taking risks..then how many opportunities are you missing out on?

If you’re not loving someone with everything you are, everything you have..then what’s the point of love?

If you’re not appreciating the small moments..then what are the big moments really worth?

If you’re not learning from your mistakes..then what are you learning?

If you’re not blown away by your partner every time you steal a glance..then why are you with them?

If you’re not injecting fire into your dreams and making a positive mark on this world..then what are you doing with those dreams?

If you’re not sprinkling the spice of life into your every day..then what are you doing?

If you’re not happy..then why aren’t you searching for it?

If you’re not being your true authentic, genuine self..then who are you?

**these questions popped into my head about 20 minutes ago as I was sipping on an iced coffee. This is where my brain apparently goes at 4 o’clock in the afternoon ☺️**

“I’m a wreck, I’m out of time, I barely made it out alive. I’m not bent, I’m not cracked, I’m just broken. There’s a halo in the distance, salvation’s barely outta reach…” -Blink 182

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