Pour Me a Shot of Chlorine

These days keep my mind fed, they keep my heart distracted..

These nights, sporadically placed, remove the distractions and shine the spotlight on the empty space studded in the center of my heart..

It’s not the past that cripples this ticker, but the loneliness and clouded future..

Maybe the sense of brokenness that has always been branded on my right shoulder has ignited this feeling..

Maybe it’s society screaming at me that I should have already met the one, that I’m behind in my love life..

Maybe it’s the fact that my birthday is six weeks away, the nearing of that day triggers certain emotions as well as dates that I wish could just be erased from the calendar..

Maybe it’s a concoction of all of the above..

Either way, the glow from the tattoo on my back is fading. I feel as though I’ll never find Him..

I feel as though I’m failing at this part of my life. I’m the one who isn’t supposed to fail, yet it’s all I feel..

The night has rolled in, I need to sleep.

I need a dose of chlorine.

I’m so sorry, I forgot you
Let me catch you up to speed
I’ve been tested like the ends of
A weathered flag that’s by the sea…” -Twenty Øne Pilots

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