Show Off πŸ˜‰

Show off your scars, be proud of the incredible story embedded underneath each one..

Show off your flaws and broken pieces, you’re perfectly imperfect and pulling it off with great panache..

Show off your failures, each one represents the road in which you traveled in order to conquer your dreams..

Show off your mistakes, each one has aided in your growth to becoming who you are today..

Show off the stressful tears and frustrated screams that burst out every now and then, they strike the match that ignites the fierce fire that you are..

Show off your insecurities, they resemble the titanium bones that your skeletal frame is built from..

Show off that beautiful broken heart of yours, it represents just how hard and true you love..

Stand strong and show it all off with a dash of pride and a heaping dose of humbleness.

You’re not the only one who grew up feeling scared
You’re not the only broken heart gone unrepaired
Everyone’s gone missing
Everyone’s done wrong
Sometimes we both fly too close to the sun..

Save yourself, we’re always saying
We’re not the same, we’re two in a million..
These are the good old days

Go through hell, the battles we’ve bartered
We stood as one, the young and forgotten
Oh, these are the good old days…” -Blink 182

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