Dangerously Good (Bad)

Summer is near it’s end as Autumn slips in, cool and crisp..

The sun is slowly starting to tuck itself into bed at an earlier hour as the moon makes it’s grand entrance..

The nights are cooler, this causes the warm plushy blankets to escape from the closet. The hoodies and fuzzy socks are back in action..

Mother Nature is placing a change into affect, preparing the world for longer cold nights spent inside, hot coffee and comfort food to go around..

The season is changing and I feel as though I need to change something myself. What that something is, I’m not yet sure. However, lately I have found myself sitting on the edge of the brink. My mind pondering like crazy and every once in a while I look down, just curious as to what it might feel like if I were to let go and leap..

Something is missing, a void, nothing has been able to fill it. This isn’t a feeling in my head, but rather dead center in the core of my chest..

Something has to change..I need to change..I can’t keep sitting here on the edge, pondering. That’s a dangerous place for me to be…just not sure if it’s a good dangerous or…

Fifteen times a night, when the sun’s gone down. In the dark awake and you’re not around
And the closest thought is the edge of oblivion..
Left to find our way through a Hitchcock film
In an empty bed with an hour to kill
‘Cause it’s only fun on the edge of oblivion…” -Blink 182

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