Pink Starburst

It was a crazy busy day..

1am sleep crashed in quickly, sweet slumber..

Fade into a subconscious dream..

You and I were sitting together on the beach, a beautiful fiery sunset igniting the sky..

The endless ocean calm, shallow waves soothingly swaying in and out, it’s mesmerizing..

The air is that morphing combo of Summer with an Autumn underline..

Frozen in that moment of You and I, my head resting on your shoulder, the silence between us is connected and heard..

Right as the sun takes it’s final bow, you kiss the top of my head and break the silence..

“It was always you…”

** Wake up with one simple word escaping lips…Shit.**

** Headphones and hopefully distraction**

I’m here to collect your hearts,
It’s the only reason that I sing
I don’t believe a word you say,
But I can’t stop listening…” -FOB

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