Dangerous Volume

These beautifully designed paper lanterns floating in my mind tonight are moving in a slow motion pace..

The small flames burning inside are a perfect mix of deep orange and yellow outlined in blue, dancing with curiosity..

The volume dangerously loud coming from my headphones yet I wish they could be louder, hoping and praying that the pressure pressing on my cranium will release..

Essential mist of cinnamon dipped apples swirls throughout the room’s atmosphere, creating pockets of a soothing texture..

This popcorn ceiling, however, is one giant quizzical lie tonight..

I asked it if I’d dream of you once my eyes closed, the lies creep out making the monsters under my bed seem like angels..

“Yeah, if you wrote a list of people you trusted …
Would you put your name down?
Do you know who you are?
When you look at life and you talk about yours, do you feel proud?
Are you leaving a mark, or scared to make a bad impression..

Well, I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight
No, I can’t be the only-

There’s gotta be somebody out there
There’s gotta be somebody somewhere
Who needs company, and it’s comforting to know…” -NF

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