Iced Coffee and IV’s

Sitting here playing connect-the-dots with the stars studded in this pitch black sky, this summer air is warm with a ever so slight cool underline…

The sands comforting, next to me are my Converse with my phone tucked inside one and and my earbuds case with a single bud inside the other…

In front of me is a half gone iced coffee, cold yet soothing. The missing earbud snug in my left ear, injecting cathartic melodies through these veins leading to my those past IV’s embedded in my right arm, the morphine trickling down drip by drip, numbing the surgical cuts…

I hate these unsolvable questions spinning around, constantly attacking my OCD. The moonlit sky before me is like a blackboard, picturing these baffling equations I try to work them out with my invisible chalk…

I wish I could find some relief from all of this..I wish I could find the answer to letting this all go or maybe I should just stop fighting all of whatever this is and just jump in…

Song after song…sip after sip…time evaporates by.

I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight
No, I can’t be the only-
There’s gotta be somebody out there
There’s gotta be somebody somewhere
That needs company, and it’s comforting to know…” -NF

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