Where’d the Party Go?

I was ready…I was ready to sink down into the bottomless unknown…

But, just as my body was nearly numb and slowly slipping down, a hand grabbed one of mine and began to pull me upward…

In my head I’m screaming, “No, just let me drown!”, yet upward you kept pulling. No matter how much I silently screamed…

Out of this watery grave and now laying on the dock, coughing out the shaken nerves and gasping in every overwhelming breath possible…

Soaked and frozen, shaken and somewhat discombobulated…

I look up and there you are, your image outlined in blinding sunlight. Lying there, I notice that you’re still holding my hand. Your gaze meets mine as you put your other hand on my cheek…

The look in your eyes is protective with a dose of relieved post panic…

My look says, “Why’d you save me?”

Your look saying, “I’m not letting you give up.”

**Alarm goes off, I jump out of bed in a confused stirred state. Grab a hoodie, shoes and walk out the door. I need to walk this off.**

Two years now, You are still roaming in my thoughts and dreams…WHY!?!? **I hate when these stressed out tears escape.**

Walls of isolation inside of my pain
And I don’t know if I’m ready to change
I wanna feel happy days, happy days…” -Blink 182

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