Giving Up?

Scared shitless..

Why you may ask..

Because the dream is the same, each time I’m so close to the top. So close to fresh oxygen, to escaping from this watery nightmare. So close, yet there I tread just underneath this glassy lake..

My arms and legs wanting to take those few last strokes before being able to intake a deep breath of air. My mind isn’t so sure, it’s uncertain of what it wants to do, therefore, delaying the message to my limbs for them to move..

Now, some may read this and conjure up their own scenarios as to the meaning behind my Drowning dream..

Personally, I only see one outcome..Part of me wants to fight, the other wants to give up. What else could it mean..

I’d never give up in life, no matter how physically or mentally worn I may be, the promise embedded on my right forearm prevents me from ever doing so. In an ink-clad promise I’m eternally locked into and while the word “promise” has become empty with meaning this day and age, old fashioned I guess is what I am. A promise means everything to me..

The lingering unknown of this dream still puts a pain in my head.. I just don’t know.

“There’s a halo in the distance, salvation’s barely out of reach…” -Blink 182

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