Raw and Unedited

**The piece below is one from my upcoming book, Slumberland. It’s still in it’s raw state, but I kinda like it that way. Enjoy. **

Let’s timewarp back to the future past, to the exact night, to the exact place of where it all began…of where it all went twistedly down…

The year was ’95… damn I miss the 90’s, the Lisa Frank – Tamagotchi – Pogs – Super Nintendo – War Heads – No Doubt – Pinky and the Brain – Goosebumps era… it was truly the best. However, a kid living with a rare disorder in any era is one hell of a life to live. From the physical challenges to the major impactful mental waves, it really is no wonder as to why these nightmares began…

It’s 9 o’clock on a chilled Cali night. The moon illuminating brilliantly, playing peek-a-boo through the bedroom window blinds. Prayers are sent high above as goodnight kisses are planted on an 11 year old forehead as her eyelids relunctantly slam shut…

This place…These woods are supremely black, candy floss fog hugging the trunks of these wicked trees, slightly hovering above this cold ground. Frozen breezes ignite every goosebump on her neck, her breath as visible as powdery snow. If you listen closely, you’ll hear her heartbeat echo through these seemingly vacant woods, seemingly. As she travels through this unknown world, cautiously and stealthily, the wood’s resident creatures begin to sneakily surface from the foggy shadows…

Raven black wolves with teal eyes the glow piercingly, like tiny pairing knives slicing. K-9 teeth razor blade sharp and hungry for fresh meat. Prowling their territory, eyes fixated on their next meal. High above swirl charcoal crows, legs lengthy like flamingos, titanium beaks beaming off of the full moon pinned in the never ending midnight sky. Circling like vultures, cawing a warning, “Run little one…run.”…

**Heart pounding, gasping for oxygen, cold sweat…run to my parents room, yet stop in their doorway. Pausing, I think to myself, “Don’t say anything, you’ll end up just having to see another doc. It was just a dream, be a big girl and go back to bed.”.**

**Who knew that after all these years, I’d still be having twisted dreams…Maybe I do need to see a doc, lol.**

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