Just One 🖤


Just one..

Give me one reason as to why I should still believe..

As to why I should continue to hold onto these hopes and dreams..

Selfish much? Yes, I know that it’s incredibly selfish of me to place such an outstanding responsibility on your mind..

However, my own mind is in the black and my heart is counting on a nightly dose of lyrical morphine like a crutch..

At a loss is where I’m camping out, my eyes still gazing up at the marvel of endless stars studded in a dark sky..

Searching for answers or even just a couple of clues..

Hold on or give up and simply let go..

So, once again I’ll kindly ask you, just one reason is all I need..

Just one.

” I’m tired of tending to this fire, I’ve used up all I’ve collected, I have singed my hands…” -Twenty Øne Piløts

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