Six for Six… Six questions for authors.

1. Spicy food, Yay or Nay?

I love spicy food, however, my tongue always disagrees every time I eat it. The result of my tongue and tastebuds being on fire equals my tear ducts leaking. 😂 That never stops me though.

2. Fav fast food?

There is this little mexican joint about 10 minutes from where I live that makes the BEST carnitas burrito. It’s called the La Tapatia burrito and I order it with carnitas and green chile sauce. It is bomb! Sometimes the green sauce has an extra spicy kick, I always wonder who upset the chef. Lol. You know what they say, you can always tell if the chef is upset depending on how hot the salsa is. 😜

3. Guilty pleasure show/ movie?

Hmmm, I guess as far as a guilty pleasure movie it would be Donnie Darko. As for a GP show, I’m not sure. I feel like I should mention The Bachelor or Love Island, but I’m not into those shows. I do like Stranger Things though. Handmaid’s Tale is a complete WTF show. 🤯

4. Fav band/ artists?

This list is way too long to type out, my ears and mind have torn through more bands and albums than books. As a young girl I bopped to No Doubt, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers and NKOTB. As a teen Good Charlotte, Eminem, Green Day, Pink and Destiny’s Child was my jam. Anytime I hung with my Popee we jazzed to Sinatra. Hanging with my Dad, we rocked out to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Who and Aerosmith. One of my all time favorite bands is Fall Out Boy and anyone who knows me knows why.

5. Skill you wish you had?

Honestly, I wish I could surf/ snowboard. As a kid I slipped in a pool as I was learning to swim. That accident scared me and I stopped learning. I should really learn how to, especially since I LOVE the beach and playing in the ocean. I think those that professionally surf and snowboard are frickin awesome!

6. Hardest lesson to learn as a writer?

I have learned that the hardest lesson you learn as a writer is that you should write what inspires you, what makes you tick. Some enter the world of words thinking that they need to write what is trending in order to succeed. Succession comes from originality. Write about the thoughts that spin your mind, push your boundaries and dare the minds of the world to fo the same.

“You look good in the mornin’ and you don’t even know it…” – Martin Garrex ft. Patrick Stump and Macklemore

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