Ball Gown & Hospital Bleach

ag packed and ticket in hand, to the door I head…

One punch, two punch, three punch.. to the ground I go…

Prismatic black skies studed with diamonds surround me as I stand in the middle this dream wearing the most beautiful pillow talk pink gown. Coming towards me is Mr. Handsome, wearing the most dashing black suit with pink accents. He takes my hand, spins me around and we dance in each others arms for what seemed like forever.

His reflection in my eyes, mine in his..feeling so safe, my bliss interupted by strange voices asking me if I know where I am..

My eyes open and all I see is white…white walls, white bed, blankets, machines and a white chair in the corner being occupied by a familiar face…

“Hi Popee..”

“You’re going to be ok kiddo. Rest ok, I love you.”

“I love you too Popee”

I fade back to reality…doctors and nurses surrounding me..

“Ms. Sabo you’re going to be just fine, Can you tell me what you remember?”

“I remember, but would rather not go down that road right now”

“Well just rest and dont worry, the cuts and bruises will heal with minimal scaring. you’ll be back to your normal self in no time.”

Yeah right, normal…whatever that is. My eyes grow heavy and I slowly drift away back to my fantasy. to the one place where I feel safe. If only my fantasy were reality, then maybe…just heart wouldn’t have felt such pain…

Derra…Derra, it’s 7:30…rise and shine kid.

Every day turns into sleepless nights
My head is spinning with the sadness of a long lost feeling
Golden years where I would smash the mirrors…” -Blink 182

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