Hi Brain 🤯

Hidden Pieces

There are several layers to Anomaly, some that the naked mind may not pickup on..
First, the storm painted around my left eye represents the storm inside my mind, a storm that’s been thundering since day one. I wanted you to see what has always been hidden away inside. My best friend, Coryn, is the master artist behind that storm. She was able to take my vision and paint it on my face. The perfect storm created from eyeshadows and white liquid eyeliner.

Purple, this was a definite when creating Anomaly, it just ran through every thought. Purple means creativity, wisdom, power and magic. These being the traits that I wanted stitched into every conjured up piece. It also happens to be my favorite color, a color I feel a sense of calm from.

The tempo of Anomaly needed to be a balance of discomfort and a warm hug. While I needed the calm purple thoughts to intertwine, I wanted to make your mind think, open up and possibly even transform a bit. I wanted to dance with you under the eeiry silence of the beautiful midnight sky.

The scent of Anomaly is a soothing mix of cinnamon and vanilla..yes, I actaully smelled these two comforting scents while writing Anomaly. My senses are kinda crazy, but when writing any new piece, my senses starting spinning. I don’t just picture how my writing is going to look, I hear and feel the entire process. Which brings me to the reasoning as to why I always curate a playlist to my work, why I place a lyrical quote at the end of each piece..Music has always calmed my overdriven mind, even as a baby. Music calms, it inspires, it brings my world together, it keeps me intact. Music doesn’t just cause you to shake what your Mama gave you, it heals the wounds that are hidden inside. Music is writing in motion.

What can I say…my mind is an anomaly.

Days, I’ve been like this for days
Hiding underneath the darkest waves
I’ve been praying for the tide to change
Head, is this all in my head?
Running over every word I said
When they finally found my note, it read
If you need me, I’ll be lying here at the bottom of the ocean
If you need me, I’ll be right here…” -Blink 182

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