A Dream and Google

You grabbed my hand, held me close..

The warm summer sunset dipping lower and lower until the sky was completely painted nine o’clock black..

The sands still radiating heat from the earlier 90* sunrays, the ocean calmly swishing back and forth, creating a cooling breeze..

Internally I began to freak out, this loving and protected feeling rushing through my veins is unfamiliar yet comforting..

I think you could feel my anxiety because you held me tighter, kissed my forehead and whispered, “I’ve got you…”…

*alarm goes off, startled awake*

A deep breath in and out to ensure I’m awake and not caught in a dream within a dream..

*grabs phone…”Google, find me a new brain. This one is really testing me and is slightly annoying me…”*

Covers off, stretch and down the hallway I go.

Hello Keurig, you beautiful piece of machinery.

*coffee brewing…”Hey Google, play my 5 minutes playlist on Spotify…”

“See, I’ve been searching for somethin’, tell me when is it comin’…” -MGK


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