Dance With Me in the Darkness 🖤


When you look up the definition of this uncommonly used word, it translates to something differing from the “normal” and quite honestly, that is the best and only way I could describe my life and even who I am.
It is a weirdly satisfying feeling when you have completely pulled the dark and uncomfortable thoughts from the storm inside of your brain. Conjuring up the idea to do so and the actual process of extraction from the brain to the laptop, however, is terrifying. The thought that one day the outside world would be introduced to the monsters in my head and even have an opinion about them, is well, kind of unfathomable.

Every molecule in my brain told me not to be so open, not to share this part of me. Let’s face it, while this world is beautiful in it’s 4k brillance, there are moments when a switch is flipped and the cold darkness rushes through. As tightly knit we are as a human race, we are also equally divided, especially these days. Smash Mouth had it right all of those years ago, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”.

No matter how loudly my brain screamed at me to not enter this adventure, my heart screamed louder for me to jump and start typing (a megaphone always makes a profoud statement lol). So, with a long deep breath and one final doubtful thought I grabbed an iced coffee, my laptop, headphones and released the Gremlins in my head.

There were two main focuses when jumping down this rabbit hole..firstly, I wanted to be completely open with every thought that I decided to share. A “no holds bar”, even if it made every bone in my body uncomfortable, which it did lol. See, I have always believed that it is within the uncomfortable that we really learn and grow, unfiltered. We have all heard this before, but how true it is..”glow sticks can’t glow without darkness.”.

Secondly, I wanted Anomaly to read as though you and I are just two friends sitting in a coffee shop, getting lost in conversation and cold brew coffees with vanilla sweet cream. I wanted anyone who ended up coming across Anomaly to know that they’re not in any way alone, that while our battles may differ slightly or while the generations may span out, I know…I get it.
It is so important to continue the mental health conversation, it is so important to continue to shine that 80 watt bulb on the monsters of Anxiety, Depression and Suicide. This will never be a “one and done” convo, continuing the chat and spreading the awareness is what’s going to continue to lessen and hopefully end the stigma against mental health.

To those who fight these battles I say this to you…Never be ashamed..Never hide your marvelous self and Never be quiet about your mental health.

To the world, we all have a battle we are dealing with, they differ in type and size, but these battles are being fought. With this knowledge, we should all have a more understanding mind.

“We are the Jack-o-laterns in July setting fire to the sky…hey young blood, I’m gonna change you like a remix then I’ll raise you like a Phoenix…” -FOB

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