10 Rounds

Let’s fight..

Let’s fight for each other because I know that we’re meant to be..

Let’s fight for the happiness that we both deserve, the happiness that we’ve both worked endlessly to grasp..

Let’s fight for the unconditional love that our hearts have always believed in, the kind of love that will be unbreakable..

Let’s fight to protect each other’s minds, protect their past scars, present dreams and future health from a world that can sometimes unknowingly turn cold..

Let’s fight a good old fashioned fight every blue moon, weather the storm together, coming out stronger and closer..

Let’s fight the sun, keep it down for a longer count so that we can lay in each other’s arms for just a little longer before the alarm spits a tune..

Let’s fight to slow down the kalidescope of time so that we can create even more memories with our family and friends..

So, what’d say…

Let’s fight handsome.

Maybe it’s 6:45
Maybe I’m barely alive
Maybe you’ve taken my shit for the last time, yeah
Maybe I know that I’m drunk
Maybe I know you’re the one
Maybe I’m thinking it’s better if you drive…” -Maroon 5

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