Collateral (Damage) Beauty 🖤

You and I are walking hand in hand on the beach, the sunset an ombre of sherbet shades. A simple joke leads to laughter that leads to a “weak in the knees” kiss. This kiss proposes a question, an overwhelmingly excited answer is given…


A new home is filling with furniture, a fresh canvas primed for endless new memories. One room transformed into our sanctuary, another morphed into a home office, the third housing wall to wall shelves filled top to bottom with books and records. In the corner resides my drum set. You and I stand in the center of the last room, swapping ideas of how to paint this space. As you stand behind me, holding me in your arms, the words man cave are mentioned. I smile and agree, but then offer up one last option, a nursery…


The air is extremely crisp, I smell snow. As you are putting lights around the exterior of our home, I am in the kitchen baking up a batch of homemade molasses cookies. Merry tunes playing, holiday notes and lyrics flowing through the cinnamon scented air. Night has turned on, you and I are trimming the tree while dancing around, goofy decorating is the best…


In the hospital I’m laying, the one place I absolutely hate being held up in. You hold my hand, reminding me that I’m doing great, that you’re right there for me. Breathing deeply and heavily, the astronomical pain is about to bring a new life into our world. Hours fly by. The end result of the entire process is us looking down at this beautiful baby that’s asleep in my arms. You and I, we created this beautiful boy…



That damn alarm startles my heart while breaking up this latest dream. Sitting in bed, gathering a breath and trying to calm the pounding in my chest.

Never have I had a dream so beautiful.

Never have I had a dream hurt so fucking much.

This dream, the life, the love I’ve always wanted…

“Without you I feel broke like I’m half of a whole, without you I’ve got no hand to hold, without you I feel torn like a sail in a storm…” -We The Kings

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