Monsters Create Legends πŸ–€

For every dream brought to life, there is a failure that was it’s prequel..

For every ex that tore my body apart, bruised my bones and re-broke my heart, there was major rebuilding and upgrading after every tear was emptied from the tank. The journey to find true love felt more and more..

For every 85* crystal blue-fluffy cotton candy cloud-California sunshine sky, a deep gray thunderous drenched storm rolled in to do it’s damage..

For every ignorant bullet shot from a bullies mouth, there was another porcelain bone replaced with a titanium one, the aftermath equaling a bulletproof body..

For every thought pulled from my brain and conjured into a story for your eyes only, there were scars morphed from wounds that were created from doctors, suicidal thoughts and life’s curveballs..

For every kind human, there is a critic that creeps out from the Upside Down..

Life is a crazy balance of love and hate..

The hate neccessary so that the love is appreciated and protected..

Every ugly moment in your life has transformed you into the magnificent marvel that you are today..

Stand strong and shine blindingly.

Now, I ain’t much of a poet
But I know somebody once told me to seize the moment
And don’t squander it
‘Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow
So I keep conjurin’
Sometimes I wonder where these thoughts spawn from
Yeah, ponderin’ will do you wonders…” -Eminem

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