Borderline πŸ–€

Calm before the storm, we all know this infamous feeling..

Last night, while pulling out thought after thought from my brain and transferring them to my laptop, that mischievous little monster twisted my stomach..

I am not someone who “hates” much in this world, however, that unnerving calm has definitely engraved itself on the black list..

I can feel it, every part of it..the intel I don’t posses yet is the storm type or category or when..

I know that I can fight whatever wicked storm is coming, these bones may look porcelain, but titanium they stand..

There is a disturbance in the force though, I am not sure if I want to fight another fight..I have fought so many for so long..

I have always found a reason, a force deep inside has always conjured itself..

However, what if I can’t find a reason. What if I don’t want to one..

What if I snuff out that deep force..

What if, this time, I let the storm pull me under..

It’s amazing where the mind travels knowing that something lies ahead..

The storm, will be life changing or is something wicked coming this way..

I feel borderline πŸ’”

“Walk me home in the dead of night, ’cause I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind…” -Pink

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