Slice & Dice 🖤

Here, Take it..

Take this scalpel..

No anesthetics needed..

Don’t worry, I’ve been under these blinding lights before. The smell of hospital grade bleach is unnervingly familiar..

I’m used to the pain, I can handle much more than you think..


I’ll unzip my brain, then you’ll go in and slice out the center purple section..

After, I’ll crack open my ribcage with these bolt cutters, then you’ll go in and carve out the middle three stitched pieces..

There, these now deleted pieces should be disposed of in the incinerator..

Now hopefully my mind won’t think of you anymore..

Hopefully my heart will no longer send me slumbering messages that you’re the one..

Hopefully these instinctive thoughts of knowing what I know deep down will dissipate..

“I feel like I’m looking for something, something that’ll never come…” -Martin Garrex ft. Macklemore and Patrick Stump

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