Drowning ☠

The moon has replaced this calming warmth, this midnight June gloom already plotted my subconscious demise..

Three consecutive nights consisting of the same dream seeping into my overdriven mind..

The lyrics, the drums, not impacting a potent enough of a punch..

Stubbornly my steel eyelids slam shut, this playlist fading out further and further..

In dreamland I’m drowning in a lake, too far down to see any visible shadow from above. Below, the pitch black endless..

My chest tightens, these carbon filled bubbles escaping less and tinier from my lips..

Panic now flowing through my veins, an invisible anxious thunderstorm shooting from my bones..

As my vision begins to blur, all I want to do is fight, swim to the top..

Weighted and frozen I remain in the center of this slumbering hell..

*alarm goes off*

Once again I am back to waking up shaking and breathing heavily, my heart nearly bursting out of my ribcage..

The meaning eludes.

“I guess it’s just my life and I can take it if I wanna
But I cannot hide in hills of California
Because these hills have eyes, and I got paranoia
I hurt myself sometimes, is that too scary for you?

I think, that something’s fucking wrong with me…” -MGK, YungBlud & Travis Barker

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