Sticky Notes πŸ–€

There are moments in life where the words don’t seem to untangle themselves..

The static plugged into the jumbled mess cause broken messages..

So, the music assists in unscrambling said chaos, delivering the Morse coded sticky notes from either one’s mind or heart..

Because of these dreams I never asked for, because of this feeling that I can’t escape from..

Because You, your handsome image, spontaneously pops into my head attached to certain songs, I’ve created this sticky notes playlist..

This is all crazy…Why You?

Counting Stars -OneRepublic

If I Lose Myself -OneRepublic

Church -Fall Out Boy

Love -Imagine Dragons

Stuck -Imagine Dragons

Heaven’s Gate -Fall Out Boy

Coming Home -Falling in Reverse

Home is Such a Lonely Place -Blink 182

Bad Things -MGK

I’ve Been Waiting – Lil Peep ft. FOB & ILoveMakonenn

Summer Days -Martin Garrex ft. Patrick Stump & Macklemore

Smithereens -Twenty One Pilots

Tear in my Heart -Twenty One Pilots

Sad Song -We The Kings

Dasher -Gerard Way

Falling (Blackbear remix) -Trevor Daniel

Sunflower -Post Malone

Screen -Twenty One Pilots

Hold Me Tight or Don’t -Fall Out Boy

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