It’s Elementary My Dear πŸ˜‰

This outer capsule, painted a freckled porcelain shade. Ink and scars accent this 5’6β€³ titanium bone frame.

Many eyes have snapped a screenshot, pondering the meaning embedded behind the ink, the stories attached to the scars. Many have emailed their assumptions, portraying themselves as modern day Sherlocks, cracking my case wide open.

Well, my dear Watsons, take a second or third glance because unless you are a member of my exclusive squad then your access pass for the behind the scenes inside scoop is denied. Those assumptions are extremely clouded, for you only see what I allow. It’s one beautiful social illusion.

β€œWhen the sun rises
I wake up and chase my dreams
I won’t regret when the sun sets
Cause I live my life like I’m a Beast
I control my breath, keep my body ready
Focus on the finish, and keep my head steady
Breathe in, Breathe out,
Breathe in, Watch out…” -Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

Those who’ve witnessed the internal workings that tic and toc are those that I trust, those that have not merely stuck around for the thrills. They’ve seen me at my worst, my darkest and my bloodiest, steady they stand. They are the ones that know the idiosyncrasies and insecurities, yet never have left or judged.

This handful of beautiful humans have witnessed it all, collected & protected all the evidence and have sealed the solved results under lock and key.

β€œIf you need anyone, I’ll stop my plans
But you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands
If you need anyone
I’ll be right there
But you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air
If you need anyone

I can’t believe how much I hate
Pressures of a new place roll my way
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Oh, jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me…” -Twenty One Pilots

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