Repair Work 🌧

Dear Sandman,

Please stop by my place tonight. Sprinkle my mind with your slumberdust and allow me the rest this body is in desperate need of. I constantly go, go, go..pushing myself to the brink and at times over it. This message to slowdown, to take this weekend to relax and repair was not only heard, but felt loud and clear. Waking from difficulty breathing, my chest tight and a swollen throat, my voice a mere squeak…I hate being sick. It’s been four years since I’ve felt this physically shitty, I don’t miss it at all.

Resting and repairing are in progress…honestly, it feels good to take a break.

So, sleep is much needed, insomnia will have to take a back seat. Pause these dreams as well, they’re delivered false hope is mentally draining. Just sleep tonight, that’s all I want.

Thanks, D

PS, feel free to grab yourself a snack and beverage on your way out. Just don’t drink all of the iced coffee. Come Monday life is going to get crazy and I’m gonna need that lovely nectar of life. 😉

I’m sifting through the sand, sand, sand, sand
Looking for pieces of broken hourglass
Trying to get it all back
Put it back together
As if the time had never passed
I know I should walk away, know I should walk away
But I just want to let you break my brain
And I can’t seem to get a grip
No, no matter how I live with it…” -Fall Out Boy

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