Rescue 🖤

Titan… walls up, hoodie on, headphones in and weaponized with this black jet pen…

This mind on a single track of ending a toxic stigma…thought after thought scribbled out, tweaked, deleted, rescribbled then polished before sending them out into the world…

A constant stream of flight and occasionally losing the horizon…a fight that I won’t ever cave to…

Caffeine flowing through these veins, fire sparking in these hazel irises and vanished scars concealed by light peach concealer…

Fears and tears bound, gagged and buried seven feet under… tunes of sippin’ on straight Chlorine while becoming friends with the monsters under my bed ignite a titanium confidence…

A human heart and a mechanical mind searching for the one dream, the only true dream…somewhere out there across the pond he resides…somehow, someway the sun will rise as your baby blues and my hazels will meet each others gaze…

If I find the courage to let my guard down and confess the thoughts of my heart, will you accept me for me…

In an endless field of yellow surrounding, if I rescue you…will you rescue me…

Would you rescue me?
Would you get my back?
Would you take my call when I start to crack?
Would you rescue me?

Would you rescue me when I’m by myself?
When I need your love, if I need your help…” -OneRepublic


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