Preoccupied πŸ–€

These thoughts of mine are preoccupied by this new project, this journey taken to conjure up these fresh pages is nothing short of a rollercoaster…

I knew what I was signing myself up for, but honestly, there are moments when I feel as though I am extremely unequipped. Even though I am in fact fully equipped…

Taking every single nightmare this mind of mine has had, 11 years old to present day, and morphing them into a single story. Scars ripped open, dark lanes of memory visited. A new writing world, major uncharted territory…

My behind the scenes inspiration..a mix of Burton, Shyamalan and King…

Tonight, while my goal was to post my latest piece, snuggling into bed and becoming lost in this selected playlist is what this mind of mine needs. A dose of lyrical morphine…

Sleep well world…sweet cherry topped dreams. πŸ’

“Sippin’ on straight Chlorine, let the vibe slide over me. This beat is a chemical…” -Twenty Øne PilΓΈts

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