One..Two..Cha Cha Cha

World: “So Derra, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve caught up. How’s life?”

Me: “World, life is good. Writing three new pieces, each different genres. Working on turning a couple of my book in audio books, Audible. And, enjoying time with friends and family.”

World: “Nice, I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping busy. Hey, it’s taco Tuesday! How many tacos did you have?”

Me: “I actually went over to Blaze and had a pizza, so I’m pretty sure I broke five different laws, possibly seven.”

World: “Four laws actually, lol” “On a serious note, how are you? Personally, like deep down.”

Me: “Ok…I’m good, but conflicted.”

World: “About…?”

Me: “You know…and I know that you know, so must we go down that road?”

World: “Yes!”

Me: “Why?”

World: “Because I like making you feel uncomfortable.”

Me: “Trust me, I know.”

World: “So….”

Me: “Firstly, why the dreams? What do they mean? You tell me what I want to know then I’ll talk.”

World: “Are you trying to extort info out of me?:

Me: “You bet your sweet ass I am.”

World: “Rude…well played, but rude.”

Me: “Well, I learned from the best.”

World: “So, we’re going to continue with this dance huh?”

Me: “One…two…cha cha cha.”

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